‘5 Rhythms Dance’ led by Jup Jansonius / Into Movement (2019)

Into Movement provides 5Rhythms® movement classes. Jup Jansonius takes you on a weekly exciting journey through the different rhythms. You improve your fitness and flexibility and discover your unique dance and energy. After a 5Rhythms® lesson you go home charged and inspired.

‘Het Stemgilde’ led by Jan Kortie & Sarah Jens / Academie voor Stembevrijding (2019)

A 5 month course for graduated Voice Liberators.

‘Het Helende Verhaal’ led by Morten Hjort and Joke Goudswaard / Phoenixopleidingen (2017)

In this training you experience what it means to work from the metaphorical space, where a different light shines on that injured place within us which needs healing. You learn to use your own story. Through images, stories and poems we learn about trance principles to get in touch with the great capacity of the unconscious, in which paradox and duality are included. The course invites you to make your stories touch others.

– I used this course to write a children’s book about a girl who travels to the moon to find happiness but needs to return to earth to travel through the country of truth, lies and love first. I was struck by the power of using stories to connect to the deeper layers within us. Highly valuable for healing purposes too. 

‘Insights to Intimacy training’ led by Christian Pankhurst & Stephanie Fabela & Dan O’Neil / Heart IQ (14 – 19 Sept. 2017)

Most relationships begin with a lot of potential, but the real challenge is how to continue to deepen your connection amidst the tests of daily life? This 5-day Intimacy Training is an invitation to explore the unknown together with other couples and singles who are facing the same dilemma.

– The days were filled with interactive exercises and group discussions as we practiced new skills for building intimacy and resolving conflict. We learned to transform our relationship using heart-centered communication and embodiment practices. All in all the days had a huge impact on my emotional, energetic and physical feelings of intimacy – with myself and with others.

‘Heart IQ Experience’ led by Christian Pankhurst & Stephanie Fabela & Dan O’Neil / Heart IQ (16 – 21 January 2017)

– Topics covered include conflict resolution, intimacy building, sexual awakening and Heart Centered Communication. This work not only helps you to attract your perfect partner, but has repeatedly shown to be an essential component in healing broken relationships, reigniting passion and connection, and bringing families closer together.

‘Masterclass filmmaking’ by Werner Herzorg (2016)

My new instructor is a self-taught filmmaker who has made films on all seven continents. In this masterclass Werner Herzorg prepared us to become ‘soldiers of cinema’!

– Learnings from the master himself, 26 lessons in a row! About storytelling, watching films, reading scripts, financing your films, and about negotiating even. And back again: how to lead your ‘platoon’, how to shoot strategically. And about camera techniques, cinematography, and lessons about sound and music and last but not least: editing. About how to elicit difficult stories, create characters and making the conversation. All in all: very grateful to learn from Herzog himself.

‘De Gewijde Reis’ led by Tanja Faber and colleagues / De Gewijde Reis (2015)

Whoever chooses to travel with ‘De Gewijde Reis’ chooses a professional organization that has more than 14 years of experience working with and supporting inner child processes. They have almost 15 years of experience working with the Ayahuasca medicine plant (that has been officially banned since October 1, 2019) and which we have stopped using since then. We have been working with Voyahuasca since the summer of 2019. Focus while traveling is personal self-examination within a safe setting.

– In this weekend I made an incredible journey back to my childhood and roots. The effects lasted for years, literally. Past challenges all came together and became so much clearer. 

‘Moeder en Dochter, terug naar de vrouwelijke bron’ led by Alexandra Tompkins & Roni Kleingeld / Phoenixopleidingen (2015)

When a girl is born the mother is the first person that gets her total focus. Because a girl and a mother have the same identity, delineation is extremely important. When this is too strong, there is too little warmth. But when it is too weak, a fear of loss of identity will evolve. This ‘dance’ between connection and separation is taught in this workshop – women only. Daughters. Mothers. Grandmothers.

– In this workshop I saw clearly how women are inclined to ‘carry the burden’. We carry our own and we carry other people’s emotional load. We help, rescue, soothe, confirm so much. And even though that is lovely, it is also at the cost of something else. A part of ourselves gets lost. These patterns are strong, generation after generation. I think every woman should once do this workshop.

‘Writing scenario for film’ led by Ernie Tee / Schrijversvakschool (2015)

In this course you learn to write a treatment according to your film plan; research, technology and mechanisms, structure, characters, suspense, plot lines, scenes and dialogues. Most important is the craft of screenwriting. The aim is to finish a scenario of 90 minutes, though a movie or episode of a series of shorter length is also possible.

– This workshop was meant for storytellers in fiction/film, and for those participants I am sure this course was excellent with a lovely teacher. However, I was trying to write a filmplan for my documentary and that is different, I now know.

‘Op Verhaal Komen’ led by Wibe Veenbaas / Phoenixopleidingen (2014)

As long as there are people, there will be stories. They always have been. Some of them have been told for centuries. And even today many stories are emerging that will be expressed tomorrow. We are all highly sensitive to stories. This workshop where you learn to craft a true story, is accredited by the Dutch Association of Hypnotherapists (NBVH).

– In this workshop I got reconnected with my creativity and learned to trust my talent/flow. Under the excellent guidance of Wibe Veenbaas I felt as if I was one big flowing stream of creativity. I wrote a 5 page story in one night as I have never done before. A story with a clear beginning, middle and end embedded in a magical storyline with a strong plot. I wondered really where this all came from. This is what is called inspiration.

‘Relaties als spiegel’ led by Anca Poll & Peter Asscheman / Phoenixopleidingen (2014)

In every relationship, there is a great desire to ‘come home’. At the same time there is also the betrayal, we cannot satisfy our – often unspoken – mutual expectations. How can we bridge the gap between the old and the new forms of love? A partnership is a primary place where personal themes of both the partners come to the light. One approach is to look at the repetition of entanglements in the system of origin.

– An emotionally tough training with a group of advanced participants; we’d all finished the 3-year schooling at this institute. I saw in my own ‘constellations’ how I was trapped in my own family system how I always subconsciously connect to the sorrow that’s in my family history. In the end it was a healing experience.

‘Ode an die Freude’ led by Jan Kortie & Sarah Jens / Academie voor Stembevrijding (2012 – 2014)

If you can sing freely, without fear, you’re rich. Anyone who knows this experience and who knows how to bring someone else to that point, is even richer. In Ode to Freude, the two-year training to become a Voice Liberator, we help you to develop your own ‘voice’. No two people sing alike. And there are no two voice liberators who work in the same way.

– A training that keeps on ‘buzzing’ in my daily life. Jan Kortie and Sarah Jens are wonderful teachers who complement each other perfectly. The process of finding my own voice (both literally and metaphorically) was troublesome but eventually there was a breakthrough. I sang and felt from the bottom of my heart: this is me.

‘Authentiek Presenteren’ led by Piet Hurkmans / The Needs (2014)

As a team leader or manager, you want to get something moving, cultivate understanding, encourage teams, make people change their minds or influence their behavior. But that will only work if you can really touch your audience. Not only in the head, but also in the heart. And for that you need a good story.

– A profound and really extraordinary training about ‘natural speaking in front of groups’. I thought it would be very difficult but found out that ‘all’ I have to do is to be 100% present and be me, just the way I am. Never regretted this training! Very helpful.

‘Professionele Communicatie’ led by William Wilson & Mariet van Cooten / Phoenixopleidingen (2009 – 2012)

The three-year Post-HBO degree in Professional Communication has been around for more than 15 years. It’s the core of the activities of Phoenix Opleidingen. Phoenix principles are: autonomy, wholeness, identity, integration and meaning. To get a deep understanding of how personal development works you need to have personal knowledge in these areas: personality, communication, motivation, learning, leadership, relationships between people and the influence of systems on people and organisations.

– It is not easy to describe what this training has brought me. There is a life before and after Phoenix. The loving kindness and their huge welcome offers the best environment for learning. It’s so safe. We were educated to become acquainted with being a client, a facilitator and observer. In those 3 years I learned so much I don’t even know where to begin with sharing my gratitude. It was the start of a profound healing journey and slowly feel myself becoming more whole, more ‘Carolien’.

‘Camera & Montage’ led by Maurice Bossers / Camera College (2012)

The profession of cameraman / woman is considered a Real Craft by the Camera College. There is a lot of emphasis on the content (conveying a message), social aspects, time management, (image) psychology and the like in addition to the usual technical theory about video signals, optics, and signal processing. During this study, the Camera College uses the most modern, professional cameras (shoulder cameras, broadcast standard, HD), with all common accessories such as tripods, light sets, field monitors, Sennheiser transmitter microphones, matt boxes, filter sets, follow-focus.

– A super professional training institute though the huge pace of the lessons asked a lot from me. I had to stick to my audio recordings to keep up with the content. No regrets for a second, anyway! Because here you learn the profession as camera woman / editor fully. Great teacher, highly skilled. 

‘Writing poetry’ led by Peggy Verzett / Schrijversvakschool (2011)

A good poem hits the core of a topic in concise language. A poet needs to know how to elicit emotions, sublimate it and pack it in language. Only then can a verse over the dishes hit a poetry lover just as the lamentation of a rejected lover. Rhyme, rhythm, sound, metaphors and associations always play a role.

– I love poetry. I am good reader of poetry but not such a good poet myself I believe. 

‘Overgave in stilte en beweging’ led by Conny ten Klooster / Phoenixopleidingen (2009)

A workshop for women around intimacy, sexuality and desire. We regard sexuality mainly in the broad sense of sexual energy as applied in Tantra. With openness to everything that presents itself, small or large, quiet or intense. This demands surrendering to your heart, to that space where the heart is still and where the heart moves. Where you can relax in yourself and in contact with the other person.

– A two-day course that is still with me. The strength and vulnerability of being with other women and showing your deepest self to each other was wonderful. A sort of mega-womb. The care given was a great gift.

‘Omgaan met angst, woede en weerstand’ led by Morten Hjort & Mariet van Cooten / Phoenixopleidingen (2008)

Resistance protects a vulnerable place. When you learn to handle your own resistance, you add a great potential of possibilities to yourself. Working with ourselves and others around resistance gives us the opportunity to meet miraculous watchers in our shadow. For example, anxiety is the feeling that provide for extra energy to combat danger. Anger provides for the energy to stand up for yourself and to make real contact. When you know why you are anxious or angry and how you can deal with these emotions, these feelings no longer have to hinder or paralyze you.

– One of the first workshops I attended at Phoenix. I learned the function behind fear, anger and resistance. Very insightful; I could suddenly put many experiences into perspective. So that’s why I was ‘scared’ and that’s why I was ‘angry’ and for that reason I feel ‘resistance’ with X person. That alone made the workshop a success. One day 2 I immediately put into practice what I had learned on day 1: that I did not dare to ‘fight’ with a co-participant, because I felt ‘fear’ for him. That proved to be correct: he battled another participant (who did dare) professionally against the floor. Sometimes fear is a damn good counselor;-)

‘Writing prose’ led by Nico Dros / Schrijversvakschool (2007)

What is the structure in a literary story? What can stay and what better be removed? The subject of this course (among other things): the development of the plot, the tension of the story, the portrayal of characters, writing dialogues, the function of suggestive language use and the setting-up of the story. Reading and discussing each other’s work is part of the teaching.

– Excellent course, with very good feedback. Maybe someday, I’ll do the course again. 

‘Mindfulness’ led by Eveline Beumkes / Stichting Leven in Aandacht (2006)

Live, work, move, communicate in mindfulness. How do you do that? This course is about all of it.

– Learning to be quiet and still at what is happening NOW in THIS very moment. I learned that from the honest Eveline Beumkes. A sincere trainer with a lot of input about her own life path.

‘Parent Effectiveness Trainer’ led by Erna Harthoorn / Thomas Gordon Institute (2003 -2004)

The American psychologist dr. Thomas Gordon (1918-2002) developed an effective communication model that turned out greatly because of the practical applicability in real life. The starting point is the equality between relations despite the difference in hierarchy. He introduced concepts such as active listening, I-messages and a consultation method for conflicts without losers (“no lose conflict resolution”). He was convinced that using power to get your way is fatal for relationships and development.

– Great course! What I learned (and experienced) most was the real value of ‘not solving’ the problem and thus to ignite the fire in the other (to learn how to heal himself). Very valuable for education, I then concluded. But later it turned out: this is valuable in every relationship.

‘Dynamische oordeelsvorming’ / Stichting Dialoog (2003)

– Working with Dynamic Judgment makes you aware of your primary response and the underlying (preliminary) judgments and feelings. By asking questions to yourself, you objectify your primary reactions to clear conclusions and realistic decisions. That gives inner peace, space for inspiration and innovative insights. In conversations and meetings, applying Dynamic Judgment makes you aware of the judgment-forming processes that occur in yourself and others. By holding back your pre-judgments, you are able to start a good dialogue with others in terms of content and procedure. Your performance becomes more effective. 

‘Landmark Forum’ / Landmark (2002)

Experience a positive, permanent change in the quality of your life. Reset the limits of what is possible again and again. Create a future according to your own design.

– The Landmark Forum: everyone was talking about that in my circle at the time. So I went too. What the Forum has awakened in me fully is the concept of ‘taking responsibility’ and being a director of your own life. Every ‘yes, but’ was fairly expertly (although sometimes too harshly) razed to the ground. Yet this 3-day course gave me a bad taste in the end in terms of ‘winning souls’ and for that reason I did not / never signed up for more. 

Psychology – UvA (1999 – 2002)

Part-time study psychology

‘Interview techniques’ / Stichting Communicatie (1997 – 1998)

The right man / woman in the right place? You want to know quickly what kind of person you are dealing with? Learn to look behind the masks of people and see through socially desirable behavior? In this course you gain insight and become skilled in using all the important aspects of the selection process. The emphasis is on collecting and interpreting information through various interview techniques. You learn to work with tight interview schedules and with a diagnostic method that has a very high predictive value.

– A good course that taught us a lot about what people say and how that is in proportion to what they do. We learned quite expertly and unraveled our fellow human beings. It has helped me in my work and in my private life. Since then I am a big fan of ‘actions speak louder than words’.

Lerarenopleiding Engels – Ubbo Emmius Groningen (1988 – 1993)

Second degree teacher English (tweedegraads bevoegd)