'Life is a story, in search of a narrator'

You know the expression: ‘when an elder dies, a whole library burns’? Have you ever wondered what your parents' story is? Getting their story to the surface might help you make sense of yourself too. Or are you the one yourself who is close to the end of this life? Do you realise there is no one who can tell your story better than you do? Unfiltered? Through your eyes only? Contact me today, I'd love to help out getting that story on a private film for you. I guarantee you the whole process will be an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

When an elder dies, a whole library burns...Gosh no, I wouldn’t have that. The 'library' of my parents is dear to me. So eight years ago I started capturing my parents’ life stories on camera. They were young enough and had a clear mind still. Main themes we discussed: love, death, how to deal with life's challenges, friendship, family matters, how to stay happy at work, adventure, how to get most out of life. I also wrote a small 'guide' on how to make a LifeDocumentary yourself. Like to get that too? Fill in the box below.

Toon a.u.b. dat u menselijk bent door de selectie van de vlag.