“Working with Carolien on a short documentary film for the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica has been a pleasure from start to finish. She is a very professional and dedicated filmmaker who puts time and effort into preparing and editing her films. Being both the camerawoman and the interviewer, Carolien builds a great rapport from the start and makes the experience of being interviewed a very pleasant one. Her questions are to the point and make the answers perfectly responsive, resulting in an interesting interview made with great care and commitment.” – Cis van Heertum, curator Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica & Esther Ritman, director and librarian BPHAmsterdam. (2015)

“Carolien made a short film about me. She works with tremendous passion and is honest and loving. Thank you for making this film, Carolien. It is a very valuable document, not just for me and my loved ones. I have received many positive reactions from other women touched by cancer.” – Kristel Hoogwout, Vederkracht. (2014)

“Every self-employed therapist dreams of having a film that shows spot-on from which inspiration they work. But it’s difficult to capture that purity on camera. Carolien is very dedicated and I felt so at ease with her. She asked the right questions and listens like no other. At the final cut of the film I saw how it all got this authentic look that to me is so important. Without hesitation I am able to look at myself in this film. She really knows how to ‘shine a light’.” – Edith Hubers, Senang. (2014)

“Carolien is an extraordinary woman. In the short film she made about me, I felt her genuine interest and sympathy. I was able to express myself about one of the most impressive events of my life. She’s a filmmaker with depth.”– Barbara Steeman, Bast Coaching. (2013)

“Carolien showed great enthusiasm during her study at the Cameracollege. Eager to learn she attended two of my classes: Professional Camerawork and Avid editing. I came to know her as a caring person. Her sincere interest in the stories she works on makes her films stand out. She continues to find ways to evolve her art and storytelling.” – Maurice Bossers, D.O.P. CameraCollege. (2012)

“I did not have very good experience with filmmakers. Then I watched some work of Carolien. So I wondered…if I should try it once more, then it should be this filmmaker. And I’m proud and incredibly happy with the result. The film shows me as I really am. And Carolien? She is a passionate woman who delivers excellent work. The emotion you feel when you look at her films shows how she ensures a pleasant intimate setting. She is careful and close but keeps an observing distance at the same time: that’s perfectly balanced for a documentary filmmaker.”– Nino Jacobs, Nino Jacobs Training & Coaching. (2012)

“Now that the short film about my father is finished about a significant life-changing event, I want to thank you for this. Although you’ve given my father the freedom to tell his story freely during the interview, you kept an almost invisible way of directing the film. That is a huge quality of yours. I want to stress that I hope you will never stop filming. You’re so talented, please continue this ancient tradition of storytelling. Thank you to have ensured that the story of my father, Gerard van Min, will remain visible for ever.”– Jessica Kemmink – Van Min. (2012)

“In 2012, Carolien filmed my personal story. She arranged a nice location. She asked deep questions and listened fully to my story. When I felt stuck, or when my story needed more depth, she was there with the right intervention. My whole story is a summary of my core precisely. With some regularity, I look back at the result. And even me, I am touched by my own film. I just recognize myself completely. It remains to be a source of inspiration and it helps me in getting customers. Carolien, thanks again for this masterpiece!” – Arthur Zegveld about me as a filmmaker (2012)

“I wanted to have a film about me and my company for years, but found it difficult. Carolien took the opportunity to approach me and this spontaneous last-minute action was very successful. The result is stunning pitch. I received wonderful reactions from ‘well done’ to ‘I got goose bumps.” – Stefanie Hoogland about me as a filmmaker. (2012)

“When you feel the behavorial strategy you’re using stops working it’s time to change. The following might sound arrogant, but I am very successful in whatever I do. I sometimes even said: one day my success will kill me. And this is almost what happened. A job with quite some pressure, studying in the meantime, writing my thesis, all of this when we were building our own house too; I did everything with a lot of fun until I literally burnt-out. My body, mind & soul were tired. My brother wrote me: Dear sis, I am very worried. You are the ambassador of our family, friends and your clients. How long can you go on like this? And it happened: I got depressed. From an active & positive person I changed into a silent woman, lost with words. I had a deep conversation with Carolien and I felt a profound trust in her and the program. I felt I could be very open to her and that is so valuable. It took me 3 months before I could literally formulate sentences again. It took 9 months of intensive therapy to climb up. The conversations we had after this even intensified my trust in her. Carolien is a woman who is very true to herself and she acts upon her personal values. She is very honest and sticks to her promises. It is easy to see she has a deep passion and love for her work. She showed me she is concerned before the start of the program. For me, that was exactly what I needed.” K.v.Z. about me as trainer/coach. (2014)

“I have known Carolien as an intense researcher of everything that crosses her life path. Such a huge eagerness to live life. Sometimes she gets lost, but she’s incredibly brave in being vulnerable. She is able to give and receive and is very supportive with people in general. A real doer. Extremely nice woman!” – Herman Heijermans about me as a good friend. (2014)

“One of the last weekends at the school of 2Moons I attended an inspiring training of Carolien. When she told us that ‘it does not guarantee you’ll become a happy entrepreneur if you just bet on your talents’ it really resonated with me. I knew that feeling (like Carolien had had too) that ‘a certain amount of satisfaction is not enough.’ This statement dovetailed with my own experience. For the whole day: thanks Carolien for all of your insights! It was a very inspiring day and I am looking forward to the next. This training is a must for everyone who wants to follow their passion and have a thriving business at the same time.” – Margrit Blankwater about me as a teacher. (2014)

“‘Naked I will meet my enemies. My courage is my shield.’ This motto always makes me think of Carolien. When I see her speak or read her articles, I see this enthusiastic and ambitious woman with both feet on the ground, going strongly for what she stands for. Courage, determination and honesty are her most important assets. She has a refreshing view of reality and is not afraid to be undergo everything herself first before she takes her participants on the same road in training and coaching. Carolien has really motivated me, brought me to new creative ideas made my talents visible…and she will not settle before she has reached her goals. Every cell in her is aimed to help you further and her compassion makes her a unique and very beautiful person!” – Nicoline Huizinga about me as trainer/coach. (2013)

“Full power forward, working with integrity to develop the best in you and the best in herself. That is Carolien. She doesn’t rest until she has reached the bottom of the story. She’s on a constant move to put even more in the world. Carolien is autonomous and authentic and has a massive dose of courage. And then her enormous drive, fantastic. Out of her creativity the most beautiful things emerge. Carolien is extremely versatile and that makes her so special. If needed, there is silence, she’s able to just be with all there is. All in all, a woman with an unbelievable amount of different talents that are rarely combined within one person. That makes Carolien really a very special woman.” – Anouk Hogenboom about me as filmmaker. (2012)

“With the knowledge that after this year I will not only look different to my own mortality but also appreciate and cherish life much more, I began a wonderful journey under the guidance of Carolien in the training ‘A year to live’. And once you start there is no turning back. Together with the group we ‘took off’ for a year program. Carolien carefully created an emotional safe foundation so our group felt completely secure to be vulnerable and to share. Her involvement with the group, and with openly sharing her own process together with her empathy…those are simply great gifts. The program ‘A Year To Live’ has given me an unforgettable life experience.” – Heleen v.d. Kwaak about me as trainer/coach. (2012)

“For me, your coaching program was very useful, especially when you’re supervising. You are relaxed and passionate at the same time, with a gorgeous female tone. I am deeply touched and very inspired. You’ve made beautiful and important steps yourself and with that you help others a lot. You bring harmony and know exactly where to hit the nerve. You are a wonderful person.” – Antoinette Bosman about me as trainer/coach. (2011)

“I hired Carolien as co-trainer. Making our agreements with our collaboration went smooth, quick and efficiently. During the work itself, I found her sparkling, lively and alert. I was impressed by her humor. In short, excellent cooperation.” Anneke Krakers about me as trainer/coach. (2011)

“You are a reliable coach and truly serious. You give confidence and it is quite clear that you are very experienced in your work. You have a lot of knowledge and have a deep wisdom about everything that has to do with healing. You are a warm and kind person. I have put great steps towards greater self-knowledge and confidence.” – Alice Sanders about me as trainer/coach. (2011)

“Carolien has been very valuable to me for several reasons. At the time when I needed clarity and guidance, I was able to see her over the weekend. Carolien – by means of clear methodologies and trouble shooting advice – helped me to find my direction in a couple of hours. One of the most powerful things is that she doesn’t beat around the bush. She is that kind of coach who I without doubt will ask again if I need help!” – Rick van Buuren about me as trainer/coach. (2010)

“Carolien has helped me as a coach and trainer to better deal with my personal challenges. As a starting entrepreneur there is a lot at stake. The launch of my company seemed the appropriate time to go into a program. The best thing about working with Carolien is that she uses methodologies and exercises that are perfectly attuned to individual needs. During the first interview she immediately knew me. Through direct feedback on my behaviour during the sessions I was able to recognise my old habits and make the necessary adjustments. Asking deep questions made sure I was confronted with myself, without her judging me. The relaxed atmosphere and encouragement made it possible for me to actually practice my new behaviour. Eventually you have to do it all by yourself, of course. Carolien has given me concrete tools with which I could get to work. I can really recommend personal coaching by Carolien if you have the idea that you could do better but feel hampered by negative thoughts, or when you cannot express yourself properly yet or when you feel uncomfortable in certain situations.” – Olga Kruidhof about me as trainer/coach. (2010)

“When I attended a training at Krauthammer International, Carolien was my trainer. I had a tremendous connection with her and she was hired by Ballast as a supervisor after the management training. Carolien managed to analyse me in a way that is really impressive; razor sharp and highly intuitive shots – time and again. I have grown incredibly. If you are looking for someone who works with her whole heart, who is transparent and honest, just go and ask Carolien. She is a ‘deep-sea diver’, and she does not let go until she finds the pearls that will pull you forward.” – Guillaume Chevalier about me as a coach. (2009)

“Carolien is a colleague I greatly appreciate and respect. Her infinite passion to learn and to help others I respect deeply. Carolien’s most important qualities are personal openness, experience, intuition, humor and creativity. Carolien observes, feels, analyses and displays sharp and constructive feedback under the skin. She brings the best out in people.” – Olaf Buys about me as a colleague trainer/coach and good friend. (2009)

“A training of Carolien is certainly NOT a boring one that makes you fall asleep. She works intensively with participants in order to achieve behavioural change. Through the inspiring leadership of Carolien I was able to actually implement my new business strategies. The energetic, flexible and stimulating way of working of Carolien brought about an important group bonding, which brought me a deeper understanding of my own psychology. In addition, of course, I really want to say we had a lot of fun too. An effective working method performed in a perfect manner. Carolien, you are doing your work really great.” – Ruud Bartelink about me as trainer/coach. (2008)

“Carolien as a trainer with the title ‘Presentations with Impact’ has brought me so much; I deliver better and more powerful presentations with more guts, even for large groups of people. Carolien, thanks for being my eye-opener! To me she’s the ‘featured trainer from 2010!” – Karel Neleman about me as trainer/coach. (2007)